Property Easy:

Block Buzz

Simply making owning and caring for your flat, house or development and being part of your residential community - easier!

So, if you own a flat or house in a communal development, let us help you look after your property and get more from being part of your community.

Ask for help with...

Your flat or house

Ask us to organise contractors and other property professionals to undertake maintenance, repairs, health and safety, insurance, surveys, valuations and anything to do with the care of your own property.

Communicate with other...

Owners in your development

Stay in contact and collaborate with the other owners in your development.

Track your...

Task and projects

Stay up to date, participate and stay in control of the task we are organising with and for you.

Find more about your...

Contractors and other property professionals

To find out more about the suppliers you work with on your own property.

Find information about

Your flat or house

As we work with you more and more we will build up a library of information and documents relating to your property.

Join, or add to interesting

Lifestyle groups

Groups of people in blocks of flats and estates with similar non-property related interests.


And, if you are on the Board of your development, let us be your outsourced property assistant.  We do the legwork for you so you get more done for less.

Ask us to organise

Maintenance for your development

Ask us to organise reactive or planned maintenance, health and safety compliance, major works or anything else you need for the care of the common areas and structure of your development.

Look into your

Development's library

As we work with you more and more we will build a library of information and documents to keep us all well informed.

Stay on top and track your...

Development's tasks and projects

You and your Board can track, collaborate with us and stay in control of the tasks and projects we are organising with and for you.

Collaborate with the

Directors' network

Share knowledge and information with Directors in other blocks and estates.

Work with...

Your Board

Collaborate with your fellow Board members on plans, issues, ideas and directions to stay ahead of your obligations as a Director and to evolve the future of your development.